Thursday 8 March 2012

Zero calorie, fat free crispy seaweed.


Fat gets a really bad deal in the world today, it’s a vital part of any diet. if you eat fat in the correct quantities you’ll see no negative effects from it. But it is very moreish, especially fried food and one of the more moreish foods for me is crispy seaweed. It is delicious, which is surprising considering that it really is just fried seaweed (if you’re lucky enough to be able to get it), spring greens or cabbage. Eat a bowl of it and the calorific impact can be quite immense - which is hardly what you want when you’re following a nutritional plan.

However if you have a dehydrator (which you should because they’re awesome) then you can make your own crispy seaweed without any frying at all.

Note that in this recipe I’m using spring greens. You could use cabbage if that’s all you have, but I have not tested this with real seaweed. If you have, let me know if it works in the comments.

Boil a pan of water

You’re going to need a big pan of boiling water to quickly blanch the shredded leaves in, so start that off now and it’ll be ready when you need it.

Remove the stalks

You’ll want to remove the stalks from the leaves, they’re too tough to eat. You can either do this with a knife (as pictured) or you can tear them out.

Remove the stalks

When you’ve done all of the leaves you’ll end up with a nice big pile. of leaves, split them into separate piles.

Nice green pile

Roll & slice

Now that they’re split into separate piles roll each pile up into a tight roll and slice them up into thin slices.

Roll it up

When you’ve done this, you’ll see that you’re starting to get something that looks like the finished article.


Blanch it

Remember the boiling pan of you started at the start, you’re now going to use it.

Dump all of the shredded leaves into the boiling water to give them a blanch to that will soften the leaves and bring then out in a lovely dark green colour. Blanch them for no more than two minutes.


Dehydrate it

After two minutes has passed drain the water from the pan ( if you’re feeling thrifty keep the water for making a stock or gravy) and lay out the shredded leaves nice and spaced on the dehydrator trays. Give each tray a generous, but not too generous sprinkle of salt. This is important, the salt really brings out the flavour.

Put into the dehydrator tray

When you’re all laid out and you’ve salted the trays crack them into the dehydrator for about 2-3 hours.

Dehydrating spring greens

I find I have to swap the trays around because our dehydrator heats from the bottom up. But if you have one of these bad boys you’ll probably not have to do this.


You’ll know when its done because it will all have a lovely rustily sound and feel to it like in the video clip below.

Is it exactly the same as the fried version?

No, because it’s not fried.

However, it’s close enough in texture and taste. I’ll guarantee you’ll eat loads of it - remember to take it easy on the salt.