Monday 13 June 2011

The World Around You - Part III


Paragraph was an easy choice - I love taking photographs of The Elements of Typographic Style

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Div had me puzzled for a bit but I decided on bricks because div’s really are just generic building blocks.

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I had an old Times Educational Supplement at hand and I snapped an article from one of the pages.

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I just took delivery a new Noam Chomsky book last week, thought I’d use this as it does have a very clear header

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Nav did have me puzzled for a few mins and then I though aha - Motorway signs! Eureka

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Thanks to Gary D for the photo


The bottom sole of a shoe makes for a good example of a footer I think.

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So I took a bit of artistic license in this one. I drew a speech bubble coming from our cat, he’s demanding fish.

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Ordered lists, my old friend. Last time I used a sketch of a bus stop, and there was a big reply of people informing me that people ( mostly from London I have to say ) were not ordered, but rather very unordered. So Instead I’ve opted for a load of geese flying in formation. Thanks to Neptune Canada for the photo

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Just a random selection of DVD’s from my collection.

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Definition lists are tricky, I very rarely use them because I end up either breaking them down into heading tags and paragraphs or breaking them into lists. Not deterred I attacked my DVD collection and came up with this. That’ll do nicely.

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Span’s are really tricky because they’re the inline equivalent of a div - totally generic. I had an idea to use use some tape in a sentence of text, but I didn’t have any tape. I opted for a highlighter instead.

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I think I should have tried a little bit harder with this one, but it’s just too obvious. The time tag is for dates and times and I just couldn’t resist myself.

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