Thursday 25 November 2010

Working From Home. One year in.

Happy Fruit Grass

I had trouble working from home originally. I needed the office because I couldn’t control my impulse not to open up iPlayer or work on a personal project. It wasn’t surprising that this was the case because it was during the first two years of starting my company and I worked every hour of every day. I was over worked. The need to switch off wasn’t lack of self discipline, it was my subconscious telling me to take some downtime.

In christmas of 2009 we took a month holiday ( a little too long, this year it’s three weeks). In that month off I decided I would try working from home more. I takes me 1.5 hours to get to our offices from home. The idea was to save three hours a day.

It’s been almost twelve months since I made that decision. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Here’s why.

  1. I get the 3 hours a day back. I use this time to work out, cook and do something else.
  2. Because I’m rested I’m more productive when I’m working
  3. I’m more organised that ever before. My workflow system ( basecamp > things > epic win ) works like a charm
  4. Me and my partner don’t distract each other. If we need each other we have iChat, but each day always starts with a brief iChat in which we outline what we’re doing.

The only downside is Hooba - Pork Rind