Thursday 31 May 2012

Why Big Business Doesn't Want You To Own A Large Device.

On a large device (desktop / laptop) you’re free to install whatever you want to. You’re free to create whatever you want to and you’re free to consume whatever you want to in whatever format you please.

If you don’t like something, (IP aside) you’re free to create a competing product and you’re free to release it however you want to. If you don’t like the hardware, (warranty aside) you’re free to change it. You’re not locked in.

With large devices, the genie that is your freedom has always been out of the bottle. They were designed that way.

On smaller devices this is not the case. The entire ecosystem has been designed to give the illusion of choice.

  • Install anything you want *
  • Share with anyone **
  • Do whatever you want ***

* selection limited to app store apps only.
* * selected protocols and platforms only.
* * * see our 82 page terms and conditions for full information.

Getting back control of large devices is difficult because the genie is out the bottle. But newer smaller devices have been designed to keep the genie firmly in the bottle.

Armed with a small device you’re a consumer. To big business you’re no more than an API between them and your money. Sure you can make movies and take photos. But you’re not a threat to them or their outdated business models.

Armed with a large device you’re a creator. You’re free to create competing products or scratch an itch that current products don’t. You’re free to make your own money and you, Sir/Madam, are a threat to their outdated business models.

When you use a small device, big business controls how you use that device. When you use a large device, they have no control over you. This is why big business doesn’t want you to have a large device.