Saturday 22 January 2011

What I Want.

My wife (Jo) introduced my to a concept of “want” that I had never considered before. The concepts states that if your attitude to something is that you “want” it, then you’ll never “have” it, because you’re always “wanting” it. If you’ve ever talked to us about this (or had it rammed down your throat by us) you’ll know we like to state that “we don’t want anything, we have everything that we need”.

Based on this, I try to avoid “wanting” things and instead I prefer to decide if the thing in question would be of real value to me. If it is then I’ll make a plan to work towards achieving / getting it. This either requires an gradual investment of time/money/effort or emotion. I’m finding that outcomes or items gathered in this manner are more meaningful and are more useful to me.

For example, my kettlebells. In 2009 started off my 16kg and then in January 2010, through consistent use and development I achieved 2×12kg & 1× 20kg. Then in November 2010 because I’d make some great progression and achieved high levels of consistency I’d worked towards and achieved another 20kg, 1×24kg & 1×32kg ( a.k.a - The Punisher). I’m doing the same with growing chillies, this year I’ll progress onto using an NFT , last year I progressed to a greenhouse from little plastic greenhouses. Next year ( waiting list permitting) I’ll progress to having my own allotment for “Jamie’s Garden of Strength”.

On professional level …

What Do I Want ? What Am I Working Towards?

I’m going to work into education and keep my feet in the design world via my company, C&C Design. To do this I’ll develop my current understanding and practice of the creative process in such a way that it can be applied to anything within the contexts of design & education. Education, learning, workflow, customer service, branding, agriculture, breakfast, training, anything at all.

The question of “what I want” was framed as one of two questions that underpin my Project Proposition :

  1. Know what it is you want
  2. Resolve to do the things you need to do get it.

To answer statement number one then I’ll develop my current understanding and practice of the creative process in such a way that it can be applied to anything within the context’s of design & education

Statement two is trickier, it has lots of parts. The resolve bit I can deal with, as it’s something that I’ve worked with since my epiphany back in December 2007. As for the “things” I need to do, here they are in no particular order


In 2009 I signed up to do a PGCE, this is what opened Pandora’s box for me and I’m currently in the last half of my final year. In doing the PGCE I’m learning about learning, what makes people tick and how perversely wrong the majority of the current education system is. By understanding the education system and how it works I’m able to identify areas that I can apply the creative process to.

Masters Degree

This is a double barreled gun for me because it serves two purposes. Firstly it’s practical - to work as a lecturer within Northumbria University, I need a masters degree. I’ve been told this is now a requirement for all new faculty members. “They’re other universities” I hear you cry, true, but I don’t have any desire to move and I enjoying to working in Newcastle.

Most importantly - I’m going to develop the initial frameworks and aquire new knowledge that I’ll be using in educational and design contexts. My masters degree is essentially an incubator for these developments and aquisitions.

Reading & Write Academically

English has never been a strong subject for me and I’ve strengthened my reading and writing skills since I started my PGCE. This blog has also been of immense help to me and with every blog I’m getting better at articulating my thoughts. I think I’m at a point know where I have the starting of reading/writing system that works for me, which is good, because now the critical writings required of me are jumping up to lengths and depths where bluffing it on a Saturday afternoon is no option.

Time Management

In 2009 this was my Achilles heal and I’ve made magnificent strides with it. I could still do better.


I want to do develop professionally into education and further into design by exploring the creative process and its application within these two contexts. I’ve identified some of the things I need to do, but this list isn’t exhaustive and will expand, but that doesn’t matter because I’m heading in the right direction.

I’ve just got to stay on target, make sure my time management and critical writing skills are up to scratch and make sure that I stick to the plan, even if it takes tremendous effort.