Wednesday 1 December 2010

Using p2p to distibute and host websites


We could at some point reach a stage where all of the hosting providers are handcuffed by their bandwidth providers as to what they can and cannot host. It might not happen next year, but it may very well happen.

Peter Lunde just announced he’s involved with a p2p DNS system, which sounds fascinating and hopefully ad hoc mesh networks are going to take off sometime soon and bypass telcos, especially if Comcast’s recent tax on level 3 is anything to go by. I’d love to see money grabbing parasites wither and die.

I digress. All this nonsense got me thinking about a situation in which websites are delivered and distributed over p2p much like a torrent file. It would certainly protect against much of the recent crap that I’ve mentioned. I’ve got no idea how this would work, or even if it would but at the very least it’s an idea.

Must Dash.


Image courtesy of Halans