Saturday 17 December 2016

Use different passwords everywhere!

Have you ever had your credit card details stolen?

I have, about three times. Twice because I used the same password in multiple places. Stupid me.

This morning I thought it (may) have had happened again, but I was wrong.


What’s interesting about this email is that it is acknowledging that “a handful of customers” who have been using the same details everywhere have had their Dominos account accessed by malicious actors who’ve been able to get login details for site X and use those details to login to Site Y ( in this case

Kudos to the Dominos team for doing this.

Too many people assume that the idea of using a different password for each and every place they need a password seems almost insane. It is not. There are some very good and not too difficult to use applications that can significantly reduce your chances of having to go through the hell of voiding a credit card and then updating it everywhere.

Use a password manager.