Friday 1 October 2010

Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

The Foundation.

Take an onion and garlic bagel and toast it to perfection. Once done add a smearing of butter (not margerine - pah!) and add slithers of fresh chilli. Here I’ve used dorset naga, orange bhut (unripe) and habanero.

The Foundation - Bagel & Sliced Chilli

The Bacon Drape

Take your bacon - I like mine crispy and lay it out on that bread as if it were barely clad beauty lying on top of a sports car.

The Bacon Drape


The tomato is added for taste and to also add to the flavour of the chillies. Here I’ve used a green sausage tomato because they were ready for eating, but out of season you can use any tomato that grabs your fancy.

The green sausage tomato

The Black Pudding

I used to hate black pudding - then one day I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Since then I’ve been hooked. Add the black pudding around the top like petals on a plant ( and add a little more bacon because bacon is good for you)

The Black Pudding

Top Off

Almost done, but before you can savour your meaty weekend treat, you’ve got to add the last layer of buttered bagel.

Add the rest of the bagel and you're done.

Yes, the bagel is upside down, but I just wanted to eat it and not re-photograph it.

Om nom nom.