Sunday 4 March 2018

A thing I made: Turtlecoin to USD calculator

I’ve got a soft spot for cryptocurrencies, but they’ve all seem to have gone a little mental in the last year. For nearly all coins, mining is no longer a viable alternative as the difficulty and energy requirements are too much for humble amateurs.

However, there is one coin that I’ve been mining for a little over a month on a nothing more than free cold air from our attic and an old Linux box that is getting me about 750H/sec between the CPU and the GPU. Turtlecoin is its name, and at the time of writing, I’m sitting on 158676.00 of them and getting between four to seven thousand a day.

Of course, I am not blind to the fact that this will be costing money and so I am curious to know how much (vaguely) their approximate value in US dollars is. Working this out is not a hard calculation (whilst not complex) is a pain in the arse. Turtle is a very new coin and so is not listed on many exchanges, and CoinMarketCap doesn’t have it listed which means I have to get data from A, data from B and smash them both together.

As a programmer, this inclines me to write something, and today I did just that - a TRTL (turtlecoin) to USD calculator. It was a perfect excuse to play with Elixir and get to know some things I’ve not really used in anger, namely Agents, Tasks and channels.

As with everything, the source code for my TRTL > USD calculator can be found on my Github.

Here’s a screenshot so that in the inevitable future when it’s all deleted and broken, I can remember.