Monday 2 January 2012

Tough Mudder Training

I’ve haven’t competed in a physical event since I was was about ten years old. I’m now almost thirty five and I’ve chosen Tough Mudder Scotland 2012 as the event to end the long break.

Tough Mudder isn’t a race and I’m not treating like one, but by all accounts it is very hard. Possibly even very, very hard. It’s an 11 mile course interspersed with twenty eight obstacles. According the map for the course I’ve got 11 miles of swimming, climbing, running, scrambling, lifting and sheer determination. Here’s what I’ve got to look forward to:

  1. Braveheart Charge - The initial run into the course.
  2. Creek Crusade - A long run through knee deep mud. Making sure that I don’t lose my shoes.
  3. Death March - A long run up a big hill.
  4. Mud Mile - As described. A mile of mud running.
  5. Underwater Tunnels - Swimming through underwater tunnels.
  6. Berlin Walls - A series of 11ft high walls to climb.
  7. Boa Constrictor - Crawling through a series of tight partially underwater tunnels.
  8. Log Bog Jog - Jumping and crawling over a series of fallen trees. In a swamp.
  9. Log Jammin - More jumping and crawling over and under logs.
  10. Fire Walker - A run through blazing diesel soaked straw.
  11. Killa Gorilla - Running up and down an everlasting series of steep hills.
  12. Mystery Obstacle 1 - I have no idea what this will be.
  13. Mystery Obstacle 2 - I have no idea what this will be.
  14. Island Hopping - Crossing a river jumping from rock to rock.
  15. Mystery Obstacle 3 - I have no idea what this will be.
  16. Devils Beard - Cargo net crawling
  17. Swamp Stomp - Another long run through knee deep mud. Once again remembering to make sure I don’t lose my shoes.
  18. Ball Shrinker - A rickety rope bridge over a muddy lake.
  19. Hold Your Wood - Carrying a log up a hill and then back down again.
  20. Everest - Getting to the top of some high slippy quarter pipes. I’ve had lots of practice of this back in my skating years
  21. Walk The Plank - A 15ft leap into an icy lake, then swim to the other side.
  22. Nettles to Nipples - A crawl through a patch of fresh juicy stinging nettles. This is the one I’m looking forward to the least.
  23. Turds Nest - Trying my best not to fall as a crawl over a fragile cargo net.
  24. Funky Munky - A long series of monkey bars, some of which have been greased.
  25. Greased Lightening - A man sized slide down a hill on slippy plastic.
  26. Cliff Hanger - A scramble up muddy, slippy very high hills.
  27. Chernobyl Jacuzzi - Jump into a pool of slime.
  28. Electroshock Therapy - A run through a field of dangling wires, some of which carry 10,000 volts.

It’s a fair mixture of obstacles, but they all revolve around running, climbing, swimming, having some balls and being able to get the job done.


I’ll be following a training programme that designed to cut my bodyweight and build up my conditioning and endurance. The exact details of the workouts will change from week to week, but the structure won’t:

  • Monday AM - circuit
  • Monday PM - Deadlifts and power cleans.
  • Tuesday AM - running and various obstacles.
  • Wednesday AM - circuit
  • Wednesday PM - Presses, chinups and jerks.
  • Thursday AM - running and various obstacles
  • Friday AM - circuit
  • Friday PM - cleans and front squats.
  • Saturday AM - 13 mile run / walk


Completing Tough Mudder at 7% body fat (about 178lbs) is going to be a lot easier than doing it at my current composition of 16% body fat (197lbs). I’ve started on a a cut that should end somewhere in between the middle of March and the middle of April.

I’ll once again be following the lean gains protocol because I really like it. High carbs and protein on training days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and high protein and fats on non training days (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) with one splurge day on Saturday following the 13 mile epic. I’m quite happy to do the morning ciruits fasted because a) I’ll be plenty full of food from the day before and b) I’ll be consuming about 200g of protein per day so any muscle loss should be kept in check.

Beware The Illitobial Band

Since my illiotibial band started playing up back in September, I’ve had to really cut back on the running. However, over the last month I’ve been able to get some good runs in without making the injury flare up; this pleases me because I really enjoy the morning runs. At this first sign of relapse of the injury I’ll be taking the running very easy and heading straight to the physio. I cannot afford to let this injury throw a spanner in the works.

Must shoot, time to train.