Monday 10 December 2012

Tough Mudder - Scotland 2013

2012’s Tough Mudder (herein referred to as TM), was hard, much harder than I anticipated and this was mainly down to the fact that that most of the 11 mile course was 6-18” deep relentless mud. I trained hard for it with running, weights & kettlebells but I still got thrashed around like a shoe in washing machine and I’ve never experienced cramps like it.

This time however, I’m armed with knowledge and my training is going to be significantly different.


I trained up to half marathons for last year and this no doubt helped, but it wasn’t enough. This time I’ll be doing —

  • marathons – I’ll try to get about 4-8 in from April - August
  • odd surface running – soft sand and boggy grounds.
  • wet running – in the sea, rivers, lakes, anywhere that I can get wet.

Luckily I live right on the beach where there are dunes, dry sand and wet sand. I just need to find me some nice deep mud.


I’ll be paying a lot more attention to cramps and working to develop tolerance and also learn a lot more about prevention. At this stage I know that it’s to do with salt and electrolytes. Clearly I need to school myself.


From 1/2 a mile in TM was done entirely soaked so it makes little sense for training to be done “nice & dry”. I’ll be keeping bucket of water outside to soak myself before every long training run.


One of the obstacles I completely failed at TM was the Monkey Bars. It may have been down to the cramp, but there was no way I was about to knock out 24 pull ups after being thrashed for 10 miles. This time round I will be giving a lot of focus of shifting my own body weight.


It would be my hypothesis, that I didn’t give enough focus to endurance (specifically strength endurance) last time round. This time, I’ll be incorporating a lot more in the way of kettlebell work and I’ll likely start with the 10,000 challenge in January.

Body Composition

I had it wrong last time, I was at 12% body fat at 180lbs able to pull 5 × 140kg deadlifts, crack out 10 pullups and run a half marathon. This didn’t help me at all and I suspect it worked against me. This time I’m aiming for 165-170lbs at 6-8% body fat and as mentioned above, focusing on moving my body, not weights. Strength training will still be playing a part, but it will be third fiddle to running and moving my own body weight.

Up for it?

Last year I ran it as an individual, but as I found out — I did not run it alone, because everyone helps each other. This year though, I’m trying to get a team together. If you’re up for it, drop me line. In the mean time, I’ll be training in the wet, in the cold and in a way deserving of my orange head band.