Tuesday 4 October 2011

Tough Mudder - Registered

Tough Mudder is a not a race, it is a challenge consisting of 28 obstacles spaced over an 11 mile cross country run. Next year they are bringing it to the UK and I’m entered for July 14th in Scotland.


My first introduction to Tough Mudder was through the below video in early 2011.

Since I started to become physically active in early 2008 I haven’t entered any events. I have never felt the need to, until now. I’m viewing Tough Mudder as a physical and mental test that will give me some level of validation as to the abilities of my “meatsuit” and mental grit.

There is an outline of the course that I’ll be tackling on Tough Mudder’s website and I think you’ll agree - it is quite the challenge. If I complete the challenge I’ll get an orange headband that I full intend on wearing over the top of my mortor board when I graduate my MA later on in 2012.


The people behind the event are all ex-military and as such the event raises funds for the Help For Heroes charity. Regardless of my personal political opinions about war and conflict, it takes courage of an enormous scale to be a soldier in today’s world and I tip my hat to any individual who walks this path. The reality of the soldiering profession is that some lose their lives and some get seriously wounded. Help For Heroes supports and changes the lives of our wounded soldiers and it’s something that I’m proud to support.

You can sponsor me online if you’d like to give the charity some support and if you know me in person then I will be knocking on your door.