Tuesday 10 July 2012

Tough Mudder in 4 Days

A bit over a year ago I saw a video and it got my interest piqued in something I hadn’t heard about before - Tough Mudder. Having never taken part in anything since I started training back in 2008 I thought it was about time that I did.

I’ve been training for Tough Mudder since christmas and it’s been hard. At times due to debilitating illiotibial band syndrome it’s felt impossible, but I pushed through the frustration and dealt with everything I’ve faced. Thanks to some sensible rehabilitation I’m happy cracking out a half marathon with less than five minutes rest and my barbell & bodyweight training has gone like a charm.


Since christmas I’ve –

  • Ran 338 miles with a personal best of 13.00 miles in 2:14:59
  • Set personal bests in every strength movement, most notably the Deadlift, Squat & Clean.
  • Done 1800+ chin ups & 1400+ pull ups.
  • Lifted over 230,000 Kg in weight training.
  • Lost 16 pounds of fat.
  • Gained 5 pounds of muscle mass.
  • Ate shit loads of really nice food.

A Little Taster

Thankfully someone in Arizona recorded their Tough Mudder highlights. I’ll be facing all of the obstacles in this video. It’s safe to say that from the start I’ll be dripping wet and muddy.

Sponsor Me

I didn’t set out to do this to raise money, I’m doing it because it’s real physical test of mental determination and my ability to prepare for and do something hard. However, the event supports Help For Heroes and so do I. Regardless of the ill conceived motivations of our country’s wars, everyday normal people like you and me go and signup for soldier service. In the line of service they do some incredibly brave stuff and see things that no human should have to endure. Stuff that in reality makes Tough Mudder look like a walk in the park.

Some of these brave soldiers don’t come back and if they do, it’s with a different set of defaults. Help For Heroes helps the families and soldiers of those that come back wounded.

Follow this link and sponsor me.

I’ll blog again when I’ve completed it and I’ll take a picture of my in my orange head band (that’s what you get for completing it).