Thursday 3 February 2011

Things, it was a rebound. I'm getting back together with The Hit List.

The Hit List & Thing

I knew my work world had forever changed when I was introduced to The Hit List (THL) as part of a MacHeist bundle in 2009. After a few false starts with using productivity apps in 2010 they’ve now embedded themselves so deeply into my workflow that I can’t do without them.

No iPhone App

iPhone app coming soon

THL had always promised their app was coming soon, but it never did and the developer went dark. I assumed all life had gone from the project. This was september 2010 and it was about this time my workload when batshit crazy. I needed iPhone app and THL was no where to been seen.

That’s when I was seduced by Things. It looked beautiful and it had an iPhone app. Those lovely folks over Cultured Code know how to design but there’s one problem with it.

Zut! No Sub-Tasks

Things doesn’t support Sub-tasks and it probably never will. I’ve never read Getting Things Done, but from what I’ve deduced from the discussion in the forum on Cultured Code’s site is that sub tasks aren’t in-line with with the methodology. If someone knows more about this, please let me know.

The work around that I’ve had in place with Things is just a horrible mixture of tags, areas of responsibility and projects. In most cases the projects aren’t actual ‘projects’ in the studio sense of the term, they’re just a collection of items, that ideally for me, should be subtasks of an actual project.

Things users aren’t wrong, if it works for them - great; it doesn’t work for me.

It’s Alive I tell you, ALIVE!

Just after the app store launched there was a blog posted on Potion Factory’s website! Could it be that I was wrong to think THL was dead? Yes, I was. When this sunk in I immediately reinstalled THL and set to work re-creating my personal and academic items into THL. Finally sub task heaven! I’d even forgot just how insanely quick it is to create and organise yourself in THL with the keyboard shortcuts.

There’s still no final release in sight, but I’ve since done some searching and I know that the author is out there, that he is working on it and that he’ll not release it until he’s happy with it - fine by me. I get the impression that his radio silence is down to the fact that every time he comes out and posts, he’s bombarded with questions about when it’s going to be ready. I can relate to that, so I place no further questions or expectations on Mr Kim.

Now that I know the iPhone version is coming, I can relax. I work from home in any case so I’m never far away from being able to complete a task.


That’s the sound of task completing and you have no idea how a little thing like that motivates you to keep checking sub-tasks and tasks off your to-dos.

I’m not bashing Things, it’s a really, really nice app that helped with my productivity, but the key phrase here is “my productivity” and I require sub-tasks. So as soon as THL is ready I’ll buy the full version and iPhone app because THL is awesome.