Friday 7 January 2011

The Switch has been made.


I blogged before christmas about feeling the itch to learn something new - Rails. I’m delighted to say that I’m on my way with that quest and this blog serves as my first production rails app. It’s rudimentary as hell and no doubt I’ve broken a view conventions, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m really liking the approach that rails has - convention over configuration. I’ll log more about the comparisions of the two, particularly on workflow, but that’s a job for later.

Responsive UI

I’ve also taken the change to implement a more ‘responsive’ design to the site. About one week after I launched the last design I was given a copy of “The Elements of Typographic Style” and as I was reading it, I almost immediately decided that I wanted to re-design the UI on this site. It helped show me that my love affair with Helvetica was based on fear of not finding another typeface to love. On that note I’d like to welcome FF Dagny Web Pro & Adobe Chapparral Pro.

It’s also been a chance to play with media queries. It’s a new challenge using media queries to adjust the design to respond to changes in the browser. It’s real balancing act of style rules but when it all comes together it’s really nice. Here’s some screenshots of the various sizes all the way to iPhone. If you’re reading this in a browser, give it a whirl for yourself.

Nice & Big

Average Size



What’s Next

I’m want to learn more about rails, so next I’ll be working on pulling the stuff that I post from elsewhere into this site as a “life stream” ( I don’t like that term, seems very cheesy). With the exception of, because they still haven’t opened up their API. I may be forced into using the unofficial instagram API library from Mislav