Wednesday 26 February 2014

The.Embassy - Six Nowt

Album cover

TL;DR: I played drums in a band called The.Embassy and we recorded an album in 2000 which we never released. It is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play and many more outlets.

I play drums.

If you weren’t aware I used to play drums in lots of bands and I’ve had the great fortune of playing with many talented musicians over the years. In 1998 I joined a band called “The.Embassy”[^name] and they had a record deal. We were managed by Graham Bolam, helped enormously by the ever talented Dave Phillips, and the line up was Lee Haley, Paul Barnecott, Dave Dorward and myself.

Like all bands with a record deal we thought we were going to take over the world.

A concise history of the.embassy

We were signed to Prescription Records and spent the early part of the 2000 decade touring the UK. We released three singles — Summer, The Violent Number and Skyranger. We received quite extensive airplay of the The Violent Number across UK radio and I even had the privilege of hearing myself on Radio 1 when I didn’t expect it, which was nice.

We also recorded an album. The recording was done at Prescription Records HQ, Newcastle (now called Reza Cafe on Westgate Road), Trinity Heights, Newcastle and Parr Street studios, Liverpool. We even shared the studios with Coldplay for a few weeks, round about the time their single “Yellow” was tickling the UK charts and they were mixing their first album. Suffice to say they had a little bit more commercial success than we enjoyed! I must mention however, that Coldplay are lovely, lovely people and Chris is one of the fastest, most accurate pool players I have ever had the pleasure of being beaten by. Despite not enjoying the commercial success that Coldplay have, in many ways this period of my life was one of the most successful and valuable I’ve had. Lifelong friendships were forged, many a life lesson was learned and much, much fun was had.

I left the band in 2004 and shortly after there was a line up change and for various reasons the album was never released.

Releasing the album

Given my “digitial fu” it’s always niggled me that we never took advantage of the online side of things. So early in 2014 I contacted all the parties I could ( Barney, you are a hard man to locate! ) and a vote was held that was in favour of releasing the album. We decided that it was time to release it. So I created the artwork featuring a zippo that was gifted to each member of the band (thanks Karen) and renamed the album to part of the phrase that was engraved on the lighter – “Six Nowt”.

If you’re not from the North East of England and/or don’t understand Geordie then you’ll be forgiven for not understanding the phrase “Give it Six Nowt”. It ( as far as I know ) is derived from a football expression. “Nowt” is Geordie for “nothing” and the “Six Nowt” refers to a score from a football (or soccer to all USA readers ) match in which one side scores six goals and the other none. As you can imagine this involves a lot of effort to achieve and so the underlying idea in the phrase is that you attack something with all your energy. Of course we could have done that with one word “Aplomb” but that wouldn’t be a suitable a tribute to the person who gifted the lighters and it’s a shit title.

Buy The Album

The album is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play and many more. I dare say a live performance may be a little difficult to pull off, but you can relive the early 2000’s if you digged us back then.

The Flowers of Evil

It wouldn’t be cool to not mention The Flowers of Evil as they were formed from what was left of the.embassy and they are, quite, quite excellent.

[^name]: We were were not called “The Embassy”, we had a period instead of a space. It was all about the dot, man.