Saturday 5 May 2012

Still Questing

In the last week I haven’t edited one line of code in any editor other than VIM. I’m pretty sure that I’ve also not been to slow either! Whilst it’s been three days since I last blogged about my VIM Quest, I’ve been giving it my all working on my client work for c&c and spending my spare time working on Mrs Moo’s and Django Newcastle.

It’s been a real lesson in doing. I spent the first four days basically setting up VIM, but I was no better at using it. I may have blogged more, but ultimately I wasn’t actually on with the nature of the quest. However, in the last three days I’ve spent every coding in second in VIM and I’m getting on a storm.

A few days ago I blogged about using code folding & markers and I’ve been using them quite a bit over the last few days. I do find the indent fold method a little brutal so I’ve stopped using it and instead just reverted to manual folding after selecting a visual block. The only thing with markers is that I’d like to see someway of visually representing markers. I’m not sure if the point of them is for temporary references, or if I’m supposed to also be developing my memory to remember the references - though doesn’t that defeat the point of them?

There are some areas I’d like to get better in and namely they are


If there are times that I’m tempted to dive back into TextMate it’s when I’m trying to find something in all files. In the few times I’ve tried to use :grep it hasn’t brought back anything of use and I know this is because I don’t understand how to interact with it.

The great thing about VIM is that all you need to do is type …

 :help $thing_you_need_help_with 

… and you’ll get some of the best help you’ll ever find. So I’ll be doing just that to weave :grep into my workflow.

Navigating & Touch Typing.

My typing is OK, but I’d estimate that I delete a lot of what I type because I’ve picked up some bad typing habits. This has a knock on effect on navigating because I end up moving in the wrong direction.

So my focus for the next few days is only ever to move when I can feel the raised bump of the j key on my middle finger, the aim being that I can start binding the movements into my subconscious. Must dash, there’s coding to do!