Wednesday 15 May 2013

Stepping Down From Python North East

I’ve organised five Python North East events since last September and although I’ve learned a lot doing it and met some great people (waves at everyone) I’m finding it really, really hard to find the time to organise everything and get a groove going.

To that end I’m stepping down as the “events” person for the group. I’m sure there is someone out there who can devote the time and energy that the group needs in order to flourish. Over the last few years I’ve taken on loads of things, but I’m coming to realise that you can’t do everything all the time.

I’d like to apologise to everyone for cancelling at the last minute and I’m really sorry to mess you around. Sometimes you just have to admit when you’ve taken on too much and take the necessary steps to get everything back in balance.

If you’re interested in taking over the events role for Python North East, then do get in touch on the groups mailing list