Thursday 6 September 2012

Solarized is design for developers.

When I first saw the Solarized colour scheme back in 2011 I remember thinking “ blue … meh”. I used it once or twice, never got past the “blue… meh” and carried on using a mutant child of Zenburn. First impressions didn’t impress.

It wasn’t until May of 2012 that I gave solarized a real go as my main colour scheme. After a few days I was past the initial “ blue … meh” and from then on I haven’t noticed it at all. Great design is invisible and solarized is one such example.

If you’re a developer that labels yourself as “not getting design” then use solarized as an example. Enter into a state of suspended disbelief and do not judge how it looks, use it – for a month at least.

After that period you’ll find yourself with a new perspective from which to view design. You’ll be able to understand that design doesn’t have to be entirely visual. Just like good code, you’ll be able to see that design can be modular and hierarchical. You’ll be able to see the logic and bridge a connection between the two disciplines.

That is why solarized is design for developers.