Thursday 21 April 2011

Self Betting

Photo courtesy of Doug Wheller

Back in 2009 when I was still travelling to the office each day, I would get a lift back from Jo. She’d meet me at Callerton Park Metro Station. She was travelling from Matfen Hall, now given the distance we were both travelling there’d often be times when one of us was left waiting for the other.

I remember one time Jo was supposed to be there at 7pm, but for one reason or another she didn’t arrive until 7:40pm. This wouldn’t have been a problem normally, but this time at 7:05pm I’d made a bet with myself. I’d stopped off at Tesco to collect some shopping for us, I had one bag of light to medium weight. I’d bet myself that I could stand on one leg until she arrived, if I was to fail then all humanity would perish.

I remained standing on one leg ( the same leg, that was part of the bet, but I was allowed to change the hand which held the shopping ) for 35 minutes and humanity remained intanct.

I know I shouldn’t bet with the fate of humanity, but this morning I done it again on my morning 5k (luckily you’re all going to be alright). I bet myself that I had the last remaining drop of human spirit on the planet ( I should note that in my mind, there’d been a massive disaster and there were only two humans left on the planet - me and some evil shit who was trying to steal the afore mentioned spirit). It was my charge to deliver the drop of spirit to my home at a pace of under 9mins per mile and the civilisation that I knew would be restored and the evil shit would be destroyed.

I don’t believe my fantasy for one second longer than I have to, but when I was running I did believe it. It motivates me to run hard, dig deep and nail my objective. I’m not sure if these are my words or someone else’s but coupled with the thought that the pain of default lasts longer that the pain of winning, makes me smash through any self perceived barriers. Bruce Lee had an amazing view on this as well.

Of course this isn’t my finest blog post, but I haven’t blogged in a few weeks due to my attention being sucked up by my masters.


Photo courtesy of Doug Wheller