Wednesday 5 September 2012

SASS is low hanging fruit for lots of easy win.

I’ve been using SASS for roughly six months and I use it in every project that I work on at c&c and Obscure Metaphor.

django-compressor makes it very easy to use and provides what I believe to be the superior workflow for SASS on a multi-developer project — scss files are combined, parsed, minimised and cached on the server. It really is as easy as this –

 {% compress css %}                                    {% block extra_css %}         {% endblock %} {% endcompress %} 

Which gets turned into something like this in production –


You get all of this easy win –

  • no processed scss in the repository
  • production files are served as efficiently as possible to user
  • all processing takes place on the server and only when files have changed
  • development files can be verbose and commented without taking a hit on performance

All of these wins for wrapping your head around a very basic set of rules; this is why using SCSS is a no brainer.

If you like it – have a scss high five.

If you don’t like it – have a css high five.

Either way – take a seat, grab a cup of tea and let’s create some things.