Saturday 3 March 2012

Recovering from Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about dealing with illiotibial band syndrome and how I was managing to get it under control. Since then I went on to run my first 10k since August 2011 and I’m delighted to say that there was no sign of the ITBS at any stage in the run.

I based my rehabilitation on information that I’d managed to piece together from my own research. The full details are in my previous blog post but in short my recovery protocol was based around –

  • Barefoot running
  • Squat cleans
  • Stretches & foam rolling
  • Patience

In total it’s taken me about 6 weeks from not being to run more than a two miles without an onslaught of ITBS pain, to being able to run 6 miles with only a delicious exhaustion in my legs to show for the effort. I’ve a way to go before I reach my goal of being able to run three half marathon’s in a week, but I know that I’ll get there; the evidence points in that direction.

If you’re suffering from ITBS you might want to go and see a physiotherapist or you might want to treat yourself. I went with the latter because I’m a DIY junkie, but either way ITBS doesn’t just go away with rest. In my case I suspect it was caused by shod running combined with hip flexor mobility issues. Your trigger may be different or it may be the same. But whatever the trigger you can’t just put your fingers in your ears and hope it will go away. I tried that myself from September until January and it doesn’t work. You have find out what’s wrong, create a plan to fix the wrong and then be patient, dedicated and consistent in implementing that plan.