Saturday 10 November 2012

Pitching To .net Mag

Right now I’m in full personal development mode. Soon I’ll be taking a three month leave of absence from my daily role as technical director of c&c to focus on my new teaching & training business Obscure Metaphor. So fresh on the back of feeling all good about the new re-design of this site, I thought I’d try my luck pitching a few articles; here’s what I sent through to .net mag


I’m Jamie Curle a designer, developer, teacher and .net mag subscriber and I’m contacting you today to pitch two tutorial/ articles to you based on workshops that I’m running now and in early 2013.

The first article I’m pitching is based on my “love your command prompt” workshop. The aim of the article/tutorial is to remove pain/mystery that some folk associate with the command prompt and to demonstrate that used in the right context, it can be a major productivity boost to the design/development workflow.

>The second article I’m pitching is an introduction to Django and is based a workshop that I’ll be debuting in early 2013. The article will cover how to build a minimal engine blog in Django and will cover all of the key areas in the Django framework.

>You can find out more about me from my personal website.

>I’d love to know your thoughts on the above and how we can go to the next stage if either are of interest to you.



A few mins later an acknowledgement landed in my inbox.

Now I have to wait. I do hope they bite.

And yes, that is genuinely my inbox; I am a hardcore inbox zero guy.