Friday 14 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Something is happening around the world. Something important and from a few steps back it all seems connected.

Economies don’t collapse without a cause. People don’t riot without a reason. Governments shouldn’t be bailing out big business and banks. You don’t get record unemployment at the same time as global corporations are experiencing their highest profits in history. Yet this is exactly what’s happening.

Watching all these events unfold and develop in the world around me is making it harder and harder to ignore - especially when I find myself agreeing totally with the reason and logic behind the peaceful occupation of Wall St.

Want to know a bit more?

Business Insider has a nice article linking the data to what the Wall St. protesters are so angry about. Anon Ops (as usual) has lots of information about the occupation and there is also a website dedicated to Occupy Wall St.

As a bit of further digestible information, if you have a spare hour and half to kill and you’re in the UK I’d urge you to also digest The Shock Doctrine narrated by Noami Klein. If you’re feeling really special, go buy the dead tree version