Monday 25 February 2013

New Pastures at SoPost.

In the field of design & development I’ve spent three years working as part of an in house team and five years running (and working in) client services business. Over the last few years I’ve had an increasing desire to work in a start up environment. I may not have vocalised it much, but it’s been there, just like my desire to do stand up comedy.[^comedy].

Enter, Jonny Grubin whom I met with for coffee and general chin waggery. We got on really well and something clicked. After some email exchanges I was stoked when he presented an opportunity to me - which I grabbed with both hands. I hadn’t planned on taking a job at this point in my life, especially since I’d taken 3 months off to develop Obscure Metaphor, but I’m no stranger to radical changes so it ‘felt’ right.

There’s lots of things about the start up mentality that I want to experience. Firstly, the focus on one thing - the product. This really appeals to me as I can get, very, very focused on a project. In client services this is a problem, but in a startup this is a boon. I get to be me, but it’s an advantage, not a weight around my ankles.

Secondly I get to do be one thing. For the last five years I’ve pretty much been a generalist and it’s acted as the compost from which my Django skills and experience have germinated and flourished. I’ll always be a generalist at heart (do all the things) but it’s going to be super double ace to have the majority of my time focused on Django design & development.

I know the hours at a startup can be heavy at times and the chances of survival are slim, but I don’t care. I’m up for this part of my life. SoPost is doing something ultra and I get to help make it more ultra by being and doing ultra work.

What About Obscure Metaphor?

On the 1st of January I planned to take three months away from c&c so that I could explore opportunities outside of “client services”[^client]. My plan was to get Obscure Metaphor off the ground providing workshops and training on subjects like Django, Vim, Git & the command prompt. I realised not long after doing my command prompt course that Obscure Metaphor is a slow burner. Its not something that I can do in three months and it’s not something that I can do full time because I believe that if I entered into training and workshops full time, I’d lose that connection to using my skills in the real world.

So Obscure Metaphor is happening, but at a much slower pace and with a balance of online and meatspace material.


I’ll leave this blog post with this one last thought.

I’m so very excited to start work at SoPost

[^client]: I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with client services but for the last year or so it’s been more hate and less love. [^comedy]: Still building up the courage for this one.