Thursday 13 January 2011

My six month schedule of Training.

If you’ve known me pre-2008 you would have known that I used to drink, smoke and generally eat with absolute disregard for my health. You will have also know that since the end of 2007 I’ve been born again hard and by that I mean that I’m 100% teetotal, I don’t smoke, I eat in accordance with my goals and I train with weights. Back in 2008 I took myself from 226lbs of fatty blubber to 178lbs of lean human. The problem was that I had little on my frame thanks to my sedentary lifestyle.

Thankfully I’ve packed on some muscle tissue since 2008, but I’ve also accumulated a little more “subcutaneous adipose tissue” (fat) than I’d like. So in the first half of 2011 I’m going to focus on leaning my body out. My goal is to reach 8% body fat by July 1st. Currently I’d estimate myself at around 16%, but thanks to Kev Myers from I’ll be getting a full assessment tomorrow.

The Plan - Nutrition

I’m incorporating intermittent fasting as a key component in my programme. If you haven’t looked into this, then you should, lean gains is an authority on the subject. I’ll spend 18 hours of the day in a fasted state, and 6 hours feeding. In that time I’ll have three meals. I had a lot of joy with this last year. I like to eat big and the “six meals a day” thing doesn’t float with me because I don’t like small meals. I always feel cheated. A study carried out in April 2010 concluded that there is no benefit in high meal frequencies for weight loss, so I don’t think I’m losing out.

I’ll also be eating Paleo style because I suspect I’ll adapt to it very well. I’m not counting calories too specifically but I am aiming to get 1g protein per 1lb of lean mass.

The Plan - Training.

Firsly, no cardio. I hate running. It used to give me terrible knee pain, but I spent four months last year cleaning my running form up and I can run fine now. I just don’t enjoy it.

What I am doing however is a 45 min walk each morning. I’ll be doing this at 5:15am because it’s a beautiful time of day. ( not so much in Janaury though )

The core of my training is based around weight training, though I will add some kettlebell work in at around week 12 to shake things up a little. I’ll be doing reverse pyramids for the reps in each exercise. I do a warm up before starting my first working set though. 2 mins rest between sets and exercises. In each set I drop the weight by 10%. If I feel I’ve got another rep in me, then I’ll do it. The numbers are just guides.

  1. Monday : Deadlifts - 3/5/7 , Bent Over Rows - 5,7,9, Dead Hang Pullups - 3 x max.
  2. Tuesday : Bench - 3/5/7/9, Dips 3 x max, Dead Hang Chins - 3 x max
  3. Thursday : Squats - 3/5/7/9/, Front Squats - 3/5/7, Dead Hang Pullups - 3 x max.
  4. Friday : Clean & Press - 3/5/7,9, Clean & Push Press, 3/5/7, Dead Hang Chins - 3 x max

These sessions last around 25-30 mins max. They can’t run any longer because I workout at lunch time.

You’ll notice that I’ve tried to focus on big compound moves. Pull ups and chins are my weakest exercise so I’m putting them in to bring up my performance.

I’ve committed myself to six months. If I get to my goal before 1st of July, then I’ll re-evaluate what to do until 1st of July.

So far

I’m only on day 10, but I feel great and in almost every session I’m smashing my personal best either in load or reps. A typical day looks like this

  • 05:15 - 45 min walk
  • 13:05 - Weights
  • 13:35 - Lunch ( biggest meal of day )
  • 15:30 - Snack
  • 18:30 - Dinner
  • 21:00 - Sleep

Rinse and repeat.