Wednesday 2 May 2012

Learning by Doing - My First Day of VIM at Work

Yesterday I used vim for all of my coding at work and to my surprise I wasn’t as slow as I thought I’d be. I did’t get to do a full day coding however, because I’m currently caught up in a backlog after being off sick for a few days.

Good Stuff

Command T

Command T is largely responsible for speeding up my ability to work with multiple files. I thought that I’d never get away without having minibuff explorer installed, but clearly I was wrong. CommandT is mighty.


Not being in INSERT mode all of the time was at first a real pain and I suspect where I was going wrong. You don’t need to be in INSERT mode to manipulate text and now that I’ve began to use this to my advantage I’m getting faster at working with text. I believes the reason to be that I’m thinking more about the commands and modes (VISUAL, REPLACE) available to me to manipulate text.

Weak Areas

Code Folding

I’m missing code folding and I know that VIM has this feature so today I’ll be focusing on weaving this into my work.


I’m also missing being able to quickly scroll up and down with my mouse so I can look at other parts of the code. I realise that as I get better with code folding the need for this will be less.


I know this contains valuable lessons for me so I need to dive into the next lesson.

Getting There

There’s no doubt that I’m clearly making good solid progress to switching to VIM as my main text editor and there’s no magic involved in doing so. I’ve simply set a goal and each day I’m working towards it, using these blog posts to keep me accountable.