Monday 30 December 2013

I released a new version of Omblog.

If product designers lament over designing chairs then I think it is fair to say that the designer/developers project of choice is the blog engine. I’ve been using django-omblog for about two years in total and I’ve decided to step it up a notch and begin to really hone it. It’s got quite a few features built into it already –

  • Minimal UI for writing posts
  • Drag and drop image uploading with automatic thumb-nailing
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Keyboard shortcut to save posts
  • Tab key inserts 4 spaces and doesn’t bounce out of the writingarea.
  • If you have Django’s cache backend configured, it can take a battering.

I should however state that right now it’s aimed at people who want 100% control over how their blogs appear on the frontend because the current default style for the “blog post views” are really minimal. However, the creation views are fairly decent and certainly ready for war. Here’s a screenshot

How meta, a screenshot of a blog about a blog engine on a bloog

I’ve got some big plans for omblog so if you’re that way inclined and looking for something to fiddle with, feel free to clone it and thrash it about. In the upcoming 1.4 release I’ll be adding a few more neat features and updating the docs and the 1.5 release is expected to be the ultra release but that’s a while off.