Wednesday 25 May 2011

HTML&CSS From the beginning - Week 3

This weeks class is all about attributes, values and branching out into more tags. The attributes and values in question are specifically class and id. In the past when I’ve taught this class I think I’ve focused too much on the technical side of things and neglected the practical so this week I’m continuing the theme of last weeks class - applying-html-tags-world-around-us.

This week however the students have been giving a “shopping list” of tags that have to go out into the world and find items, objects, people or places that could be marked up as tags. To augment the “semantic-ness” of the exercise they’ve also been instructed to to apply class and ids as they see fit.

There’s some background reading to provide context to the task but for this week, this is the major task because there is a fair amount of work in there. Hopefully though they’ll find it fun.

I’m looking forward to doing a video interview with Pippa Buchanan from Mozilla Drumbeat about the course on P2PU. Ok I’ll admit it, I’m positively stoked.

One thing I have noticed is that I don’t think I’m able to keep this up to one per week for the next few weeks. With the end of my PGCE coming up and 12 items outstanding, I am pushed for time.