Tuesday 5 October 2010

.bash_login ignored on OSX

Trouble Shooting

I opened up a terminal for my days work and I dutifully went to type

$ workon tass

and I was met with a

$ -bash: workon: command not found

Odd - I’d been using this command without incident for months. Time to implement my bulletproof troubleshooting skills


The night before I was experimenting with restructured text and as part of those cahoots, I’d created a .bash_profile file which was being loaded into my bash shell instead of my usual .bash_login file.

Simply put contents of .bash_profile into .bash_login and then delete .bash_profile.

et viola and everything works

$ workon 
TextMate    bottle      core2       flask       jmcrl       pgce        tass        ultrahtml   
bluesky     core        fitfit      jamiecurle  mongokit    sproutcore  ultragrow   web2py 

Fin & back to work.