Friday 17 December 2010

Django & Rails

Django & Rails

I do a lot of development, but I’m not a language Junkie. I’ve tended only to use one language, whatever gets the Job done. When I started tinkering back in 1999, I started with perl, then in 2001 I picked up php4 which was fine, until I came to write my own framework ( called Angry Fish - shudders ). I then realised that writing my own framework was silly. It was a great lesson, and one that I think everyone should endure, but In the end however, you realise that frameworks are meant to save you time, not swallow it.

A chance meeting with someone called “James” (can’t remember your second name or find you on the back network) at dconstruct 2006, led to a brief demo of Django and based on what he demo’d to me I was hooked. Fast forward to today and I’ve been using Django for four solid years. At c&c it’s all we use for client applications and it’s served us well. But personally, it’s time for change. I’m starting to feel a little “locked” into one way of working.

So I’m going to tie my strong hand (Django) behind my back and fight with my weak arm (Rails), the first step in this is more than likley to rebuild this site in Rails and also get in the UI changes that I’ve been trying to get in for a while.

I’m not a fan of “I’m going to” blog posts - they never tend to happen, so I’d best get started and prevent project rot from setting in.