Wednesday 1 January 2014

Delete (almost) all the things

1 - value over quantity

If you look at my projects page you’ll see lots of things in various stages of completeness. Because I work more or less full time at SoPost, I’ve not been able to spend as much time on side projects, so for this year I have to make all of my spare time count.

Not completing things has been annoying me of late, so this year I’m going to focus only on three django-packages.

Why these three? Because I use them and they are the most valuable to me. The other things ( django-zeropass for example) are not used by me any more and no matter how much I want to maintain them, they hold no value to me so at best they’d receive token attention.

I’m also going to focus this year on two websites

Mrs Moo is actually ready to go ( after two years of procrastination ) and I’m already chomping at the bit to re-do it, however doing so right now will give me little value and consume a boat load of time. is in need of a some “refocusing” on the UI and purpose. This is related to “project x” which whilst not a secret, I’ll be saving the details for a later post.

2 - Writing

My blogging over the last year has been sporadic to say the least and I think that my ability to capture my thoughts in words hasn’t progressed as a result. So I’m committing to one blog post every day. I may very well tailor django-omblog towards supporting this goal, after all scratch your own itch, right?