Monday 11 February 2019

Day 77 - Done

I am almost certainly not going to continue this format once I am through with the 134 days. So much writing. I will probably just let the data speak for itself.

Speaking of data.

A poor nights sleep last night and I awoke to a high weight, though all water and post-carb-fest glycogen.

Sleep vs Weight

I am glad that I have no more planned carb meals ahead as I feel like the momentum is lost.

Ketones are higher than yesterday, but still not indicative of ketosis at 0.4m/mol

Weight vs Ketones

I’ve decided to do press-ups again this week. They are the easiest thing to do and faster than planks. I managed to get 75 in.


One thing that was very noticeable this morning was the circuit training. The first two rounds I was like lightning. A circuit that I’ve been doing in 6-7 mins, was completed in 5mins 20 seconds.

Time to go unwind. I want to be in bed by 8:30 and I want to get in a lovely cup of tea.