Sunday 10 February 2019

Day 76 - The last 58 days and counting.

I didn’t post yesterday. It was one of the few days I’d planned off. I did have a pizza, chips and finished it off with a lovely (very, very lovely) homemade cheesecake courtesy of my mother-in-law. That was also planned in advance. It was ok. Sure, I’d been craving it, but at the end of the day, it was just food. Nice food, but just food. It had lost some of the magical powers it used to have.

So between now and the April the 9th I have a straight line to the completion of this 134-day project. Any ideas of switching it up have been abandoned. I said I would do this, and so I will. Never underestimate the seductive powers of doing the exact opposite of what you said you would do.

Today’s food was pretty standard Sunday food. One thing that may not be obvious from these screenshots is that I do not always log the veggies that I have with my meals. This because I do not track the carbs inside of certain vegetables and secondly because I just tend to toss in whatever is left lying around. For example, with the breakfast this morning, everything listed in the spreadsheet was served on a massive bed of spinach.


Sleep was good last night. Sunday sleeps always are. Not surprisingly, I woke up with some water weight.

Sleep vs Weight

Now that I am on my final approach to the finish line, I am going to tighten up. There are no more planned meals that are “off-piste” and so I expect no more of these minor water weight fluctuations unless I cock up with the salt when I am cooking.

I suspect I am out of ketosis today. I also suspect the kebab I ate on Thursday started it because my readings have been consecutively low since then. Oh well. If nothing else, then I get to see how fast I can get back to 1+ readings. I’m guessing Thursday.

Weight vs Ketones

Next weeks micro workouts are planks. I do not like planks, I hate them. Hence, I must do them.