Friday 8 February 2019

Day 74 – slacking

Kebabs may be keto, but they are still war zones on digestion. I’m not sure why I do it to myself. It’s nice for the first ten minutes and then the following twenty hours are horrible. Breath, weight, cotton mouth, breath (worthy of being on there twice) and generally feeling like you’re carting a mountain inside your stomach. Summary, not worth it.

Suffice to say that most of today has been a fasted day. Until 5 pm, food consisted of two mozzarella balls, one packet of pork scratchings.


I went 30 grams over on my carbs today. I should keep a watch on that, slacking isn’t cool and I’m starting to slack.

I had suspected that the kebab would throw me out of ketosis, but my reading in my blood was fairly non-committal at 0.5. Those levels could simply be reflecting my keto-adapted body or could be mild ketosis. As I said, fairly non-commital.

Sleep vs Ketone levels

My weight shot up to this morning and that’s a mixture of meat and water. I felt so heavy this morning I couldn’t bring myself to do the full circuit part of my training. I bailed out after the first round. Another slacking. I should keep a watch on that, slacking isn’t cool and I’m starting to slack.

Sleep vs Weight

Tomorrow will be the final cheat meal that I’ve planned in this challenge that I have set myself. In the first three weeks of February there are four major days in our household – three birthdays and one wedding anniversary. To minimise the impact on my challenge we elected to designate tomorrow night as the night for pizza and cake. I’ll not lie about this, I was craving pizza like mad. I still am. However, I am likely to adopt new behaviour and get a small pizza instead of the large pizza. It is less about the quantity of the pizza and more about the experience of the pizza. That experience lives on long after I’ve started chewing and typically I get “super-phlegmmed-up” after a pizza and I always feel uncomfortably full. There is also cake. This cake was made with love, by hand by my in-laws. So I am tipping the scales in favour of the cake. Less pizza, moar cake.

In terms of training (which I don’t really graph and I probably should) I’ve taken my squats down from 95kg to 80kg. I noticed my knees were buckling in on the ascent and that’s not great. So I’ve dropped the weight and I am focused on keeping the knees tracking correctly on the upward portion of the squat.

Right now 100kg feels so heavy. It seems like a long way to get back to being able clean and jerk that. And the fact I am now squatting what I used to snatch, makes this road seem very, very long. Ideally, I should be training twice in a day. The morning stuff is aimed at fat-loss and general work, but I would love to get back into a weightlifting gym and start putting that focused work in. The “starting hours” conversation is likely to come up at work soon. SoPost in many ways is an ideal place to work, but this is one aspect I can say that we’re consistently not getting right. Hardline, blurred line, custom lines, there is no line in the sand we seem to be able to draw that works across the board. Until we can find something that would allow me to train twice a day, getting back into weightlifting means sacrificing another aspect of my life. Between the commute, the food prep, the sleep, the work I am unsure what more I can chop out.

On top of the desire to train twice a day, I’m about to embark on getting my CISSP qualification. Information security is something that I’ve really been getting into these last few years at SoPost. It’s critical to business development and in typical me style, if no one else is doing it, then I will. And I have. Last year I gained my ISO27001 Certified Lead Implementer qualification and we’re busy rolling that out at SoPost. Getting CISSP on top of that and then the ISO27001 Lead Internal Auditor qualification seems like a very valid professional development path. The thing I like about information security is the organisation of it all. The underlying system. I’m not so keen on the “neck-on-the-chopping-board” side of things, but all things have their risks. Just like eating kebabs. Kebabs are risky business.