Thursday 7 February 2019

Day 73 - done

I had a birthday doner kebab today so I am not sure where the macros are at.

Probably just a little over I would imagine, but no where near the 3,000 that I seem to be getting through according to my fitbit (taking that with a pinch of salt)

My ketones are back above 1 for the first time since last week.


Saturday night is a pizza so I will be excited to see if I am back in the 1+ m/mol readings by next Friday.

I did not have a lot of sleep last night (7.5 hours) and as a result, I was at a low weight when I woke up.


As I write this it is 20:44 and If I am quick about finishing this post, I can be in bed and asleep by nine. I am up at five as I have to be in Newcastle early, so I must be in the garage and cracking out the five rounds of circuits I’ve been doing by 5:30am at the latest.

I’ve been mulling the idea over of switching to a carb based diet. I was not sure so I turned to my favourite resource for guidance the Joe Rogan Experience #1176 with Dom D’Agostino & Layne Norton. This one in particular is a great show simply for the knowledge of the guests.

The takeaway for me was this. It doesn’t matter what I do as long as I have a deficit and it’s working. The challenge is in “the diet after the the diet”, that I am sure will be carb based diet.

However I said I would commit to 134 days, so 134 days it is. There will be a few cheat days and days where it’s going to be hard to eat (an upcoming work trip to Germany for instance) but not allowing small steps to derail me is important. So I will stay on keto.

It is certainly working, clothes are now getting noticeably loser.

Sleep time.