Monday 4 February 2019

Day 70 - Le Done

A quick post tonight.

Squats hit 95kg, but I’m taking them down. My knees are tracking in-wards when squatting. That must stop. Back down to 80kg and focus on form. Future me thanks current me.

Sleep was a little rubbish last night. For something that is inferring sleep data based off heart rate, it is very accurate. You can see where I went to the toilet straight after a dream.


Heart rate data. The high readings from the squats were not captured. I normally hit 150-160 after a good set of squats.


My food today was pretty good. According to the fitbit data, I’ve burned 3K calories. Not sure I trust that.


And my sleep and weight. I woke up to 94.1kg. I guarantee that’s water.


Ketones were 0.8 so clearly the carbs from Friday have not kicked me out.


And it’s press-up week again. I love press-up week.


And I think I’m out of the search engines again. Hardly surprising as there is not really any ground breaking content here. Just a dude from Blyth, living a life.