Sunday 3 February 2019

Day 69

A good sleep and I woke up to 93kg.


I’m still have a non-zero ketone reading. I will be interested to see where this goes by the end of the week.


Sleep analysis. I find this super interesting. I distinctly remember that last phase of sleep. You can see the section where I was awake around 5-6am and then I feel back asleep.


Heart Rate for the previous 24 hours.


And finally, todays food.


Jo has also started taking my daily pulse using the classical chinese medicine technique, (specificallly Ann Cecil-Stermans “Dynamic Pulses”). I don’t need any more data, but we both figure there is value to her getting some insight into the workings of my organs for the last 64 days of this challenge that I have set myself.

I am looking forward to press-up week as my micro-workouts.

Now I’m going to cook and crack out another six episodes of “The Good Place”.

Tomorrow I’m squatting 95kg. The 100kg squat approaches!