Saturday 2 February 2019

Day 68 - Done

Sleep data!

Sleep data

It should be noted that the fitbit is not an actual “lab-verified” sleep tracker and everything that it it claims about your sleep is guesstimated from heart rate data. That being said, it appears to get it reasonably accurate. Why We Sleep has got me fascinated by sleep. The book states how you should aim to get 8.5 hours of sleep per night because, generally speaking, sleep happens in 90 minute cycles and you need about five. At the night progresses and you pass through the cycles, each cycle has more REM and less NREM (shown here as light and deep). Whilst the above is not textbook, there are clearly five groups of REM, but the last phases have less than then earlier. I will have to wait for a sleep-lab-quality sleep device before I will know for certain.

So yesterday I ate carbs. Not a crazy amount, but certainly an amount that should have thrown me out of ketosis. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had awoken to a minor drop in weight.


I was also equally surprised to see that my ketone levels were not 0.0 but in fact, 0.6.


Sadly, I did not get a reading last night. I have a feeling that I would have measured in the high twos. It could be that this reading of “not zero” is just a super high level tapering off and tomorrow will read low. I will have to wait and find out.

I am however, back in the wagon again, until next weekend. It our joint birthday and anniversary dinner.


I also seemed to have fallen out of the search engine listings again. Oh well. I get a full day on tomorrow. Except I have to wash my car as it is covered in road salt.

I should probably do a one month recap. I’ll probably do that tomorrow morning. Strictly speaking I’ve lost 4 kilograms this month. That’s a little hyperbolic though as I suspect 2 kg of that was water and glycogen. Having said that, I know for fact that 2kg is fat because all of my clothes are looser and I’m getting stronger (again).

Ok, food time. Mrs Curle is very patiently waiting for me.

She is very supportive.

But she wants her Saturday burgers.

And so, do I.