Friday 1 February 2019

Day 67 - Ballet, carbs, heart rate.

I went to the ballet today.

I also decided to eat “normal food”, so technically you could say this was a fail. I’m not going to invent a story around this. I said I would not do something, and I did it.

However, exercised restraint.

Before the evening meal though, my nutrition was terrible. I forgot to bring my supplies with me, so I was fasting all day. I did not pay attention to salt. This was my first mistake.

About 2 pm today, I received a Fitbit. My heart rate was 60-70 bpm all day. Until 5:30. At which point it climbed to 110-120bpm and stayed there well into the night. The feeling, I’ve had about three times before and I was warned about it. Some people would call it alertness, others call it being wired, I don’t like it. Thanks to the Fitbit I was able to get some pretty awesome heart rate data. May thanks to Pulse Watch for liberating Heart Rate data from Fitbit.

Heart Rate grfaph

This feeling is something I want to avoid at all costs in the future. I felt super alert (not in a good way) and my heart was pounding. It was worse in the theatre and I almost had to leave to go feint / poop / vomit ten minutes into the first act.

The dip in heart rate at 10:15pm - 10:50pm is me driving back from Newcastle. Interesting to note that it was nice and low whilst driving. I have always found driving very relaxing.

Sleep was Ok and I awoke to a 92.6 again.


There was no ketone measurement today as I never went home to take it.

The crazy fast had an impact on my toilet trips, which also had an impact on my micro-workouts. I also cut the planks down to 30 seconds today. The squats this morning really nailed me and my abs. I managed to get 92.5kg for three sets of five. The 100kg squat draws close again.


I am excited to see what sleep data I capture through my Fitbit. I know getting data out of the Fitbit eco-system is going to have to draw on my programming skills.