Thursday 31 January 2019

Day 66 - Ready

I was going to save for an Apple watch. I caved and bought a Fitbit Charge 3 instead because it does everything I need it to. Constant heart rate and sleep tracking. GPS via the phone will be useful when I start running again (when Earth is not an ice rink).

Work has been fun this week. SoPost has come a long, long way in the six years (nearly) that I’ve been there. It used to be when I got a vendor security agreement to go through my heart would sink, immediately thinking that UberCorp were deploying their compliance bots to laser my face off. A fairly big compliance doc came through today. I’ll not lie, I did gulp a bit, but for the first time ever, I thought to myself. Ok, it’s big, but you’ve got it. SoPost is good for this kind of thing. When you’re small (in terms of headcount, not gold :P) you have to make do with your resources. You have to invest in your people and invest in yourself. Today, the investment in myself paid off. So hats off to everyone at SoPost that make that kind of personal growth possible. Opportunity is there if you open your eyes to the possibilities of the world.

Keto is also a way in which I am investing in myself. Today was a fairly “meh-run-of-the-mill” day. Food was more or less spot on.


Sleep was a little short, but it was very high quality. Again I am in the 92kg range. Mental dreams.


Ketones were also up a teeny bit to 1.2.


Ketone strips are annoyingly expensive. If I was not so committed to tracking data, I’d stop it with them in a heart beat as they nearly £0.90p each. Grr.

I have also crammed in another five minutes of planking.


It is now 20:23. I have seven minutes to chill before I go to bed.

Tomorrow, I go to the Ballet to watch Cinderella, and I will face the challenge of staying keto whilst eating out. It’s hardly a challenge really and if it is, then it is almost certainly a first world challenge. I am lucky to have the problems I have.