Wednesday 30 January 2019

Day 65 - Sober Wasted

I went to the football last night. I got home late and although I slept a good 8.4 hours, today I was sober wasted.

I was super hungry, but I knew this was from the tiredness. Ghrenlin and leptin take a hit when you’re tired. I learned that from Why We Sleep, which you should read because it will literally alter the way you live (if you’re concerned with a better life).

I awoke to a new low weight. I still suspect water loss, but after a few days of this low reading I am not sure. As I write this it is 20:23 and once I’ve cooked a nice Thai Curry I am going to bed, so lets see what tomorrow brings with that.


Food was a little low today. I did intend to train, but I got home much later than I had of anticipated and so I chose to sleep instead of get up and train. Because sleep. Sleep is important.


I did not go to the toilet much today either. This is more evidence that I am de-hydrated. So three toilet trips means, three one-minute planks.


My ketones are 1.1. I know correlation is not causation. I know that, but ketone levels (which I take at the same 1-2 hour interval each day), do seem to pre-empt (note I am not using the word “predict”) sleep duration.


I am also once again, back in the search engines.


I am very excited to release the next version of my website, with all my recipe data correctly marked up according to I do suspect it was the taking my eye off the ball on that stuff (as well as the total neglect) that cost me the loss of the domain the listings back in November. Here is the screen shot from Google Search Console, notice that around the 25th of Jan the impressions and clicks return.


Strength and SEO. Never take them for granted because they’ll go and they are MUCH harder to get back.

Food and sleep. Tomorrow is a mass building, hi-rep, hi-lactic acid day.

Going to “get my pump on”.