Tuesday 29 January 2019

Day-64 done

A training milestone. This morning I pulled 100kg × 5 for 3 sets of deadlifts. I am back in triple digits (yay), but I also used to push press this (boo). Thousand mile journey, single steps etc.

Food is going to be hard today. I am eating out as I am going to a football match.


Sleep was less than 8 hours and as I expected I would, I’ve weight woken up to a weight loss. I suspect this is de-hydration. On my next good sleep (9+ hours), I would not be surprised to see a kilogram gain.


My ketones are back to 1+ levels.


I managed to get 6 mins and 18 seconds of planks today.


Ok, time go and dotapas.

Note to self: stay on target.