Monday 28 January 2019

Day 63 - Done

I’m planking again this week as part of my micro-workouts and I’m doing them in batches of one minutes. Considering I could do only about 15 seconds at Christmas, one minute is pat on the back kind of thing.

Five minutes of planking is not bad going. Minutes are the limit for this, after this it does start cutting into work time and that’s not right.


I was low on protein today as I screwed up the menu and we had salmon instead of chicken.


I was very tired last night and I was out like a light. I woke up to be 1kg heavier than yesterday, which is all water. I suspect I will start tickling 92kg for real over the next week.


Ketones were low again at 0.6.


In my training I am approaching 100kg squats again. Never again am I letting myself go without training for so long. This mornings three sets of five at 90kg were hard, but I know 100kg is around the corner. I doubt I’ll be back to 160kg any time soon, but still progress is progress.

I’m also really thinking about weightlifting again. This time I think I can really get back into it.

I just need to find a place at which I can do it.