Sunday 27 January 2019

Day 62 - Done.

The St Petersburg Philharmonic orchestra was epic last night. I didn’t get even two minutes in before joy overcame me and tears poured out.

There is something very profound and deep with orchestra performances. The physical sound and energy of the sound waves created by a room full of very seasons musicians can never be recreated by speakers.

Anyway, Keto.

Today I had the bright idea of attempting to make breaded chicken with pork scratchings instead of breadcrumbs. It has not turned out too great. I suspect it would be better with pork crackling dusted up but the scratchings contain too much fat and they mush up.


I re-jigged the spreadsheet template this morning. It occurred to me that the sparkline charts I’ve been using to get an eyeball on meal macros had two main issues.

  1. I was using the grams to calculate the percentages for the charts and not the calories
  2. If there was no carbs in a meal it was impossible to see the split as with the absence of color 2, there is one continuous colour.

I’ve fixed both of these issues now. If carbs is zero, I will count it as 0.1 and I’m now calculating the calories from a three hidden rows.

I had to drive Jo to the train station early this morning, so I did not have a lot of sleep. But I did wake up to a new low weight.


Ketones are also low again today.


Finally, I managed to get my first page completed on my new version of - The Privacy Notice. I had fun writing that.

I’m working on the new journal system which will replace this and the homepage. It is a weekend project though, so time spent on it is few and far between.