Friday 25 January 2019

Day 60 - Done

Todays food was over calories. I’ve had myself on a larger deficit this week and after the “coconut oil and chocolate” day on Wednesday, I was ravenous yesterday and I was ravenous today. So I ate at 2400 calories.


Weight was a new low of 93.2kg today. This is not unexpected, as the volume of food going in to me over the last few days has been very small, but dense.


Ketones were half of what they were yesterday.


I’m also feeling rubbish today, which is something I quickly want to mention. I have a sore throat and a somewhere in my posterior chain I’ve pulled something. If I have learned one thing from Jo it is that the place where you feel the tension of a pulled muscle is rarely where the problem is. Yesterday, I was walking across the road at Central Station in Newcastle I felt a ping in my neck. As for the sore throat, it is impossible to say where that happened. The world is full of the cold virus. It doesn’t matter. I have a sore throat and my back feels super tense.

On day 56 I wrote

I managed to get 51 press-ups in today. I’m going to see if I can close the week out with 300.

So I made excuses for not doing the press-ups in the London office (tiny / very not-clean toilets) which meant when I got back into the lovely clean Newcastle office (the cleaners deserve some respect for how clean they keep the office, props to Angela and team!) it would have been easily to say “I’m not well, I will not do the 300 press-ups this week, that’s ok, I have a sore throat and something up in my posterior chain”. I very nearly almost done this. However, I had not actually checked to see if press-ups caused any pain. So I dropped and cracked out fifteen.

There was no pain and they felt fine. I still felt rubbish from the sore throat and as the day progressed that throat expanded out into a thumping head. I started the day on a total of 136 press-ups. Given that I’d just done 15, if I was to be accountable for my words from Monday and crack out 300 by the end of the day, I had to find a way to another 149 before the day was out. At this point it was 10:30 a.m. So I opened up my todo list and in between every task I had to do before the day was out, I inserted two sets of fifteen press-ups.

At 17:45 pm, I’d reached my total. 300 press-ups. Well done me, I held myself accountable.


There is a lesson here. I almost didn’t do something because my context made the thought of it seem like it was the wrong thing to do. I didn’t check to see if there was anything preventing me from doing the thing in question. Everyone would have understood if I didn’t do it (a solid narrative of cold and bad back would be something everyone could understand), but this is the slippery slope that eventually leads to the attractive but well populated funk of mediocrity.

So whilst XYZ press-ups make me nothing other than a slightly better than I was the day before, it is the mindset that is important. Long lasting change is brought about by many small (and thus easier to adopt) alterations in behaviour and you have to watch that mind. “Current you” will seek the easy way out. “Future you” demands you verify your claims.

To put it another way; small alterations to behaviour will create ripples. Dedication to change provides a wind that can amplify these small ripples into waves.

Waves shape the world.

Bay caused by wave erosion