Thursday 24 January 2019

Day 59 - Back From London

Long day.

A very long day and it feels like I’ve blinked in London at 3 pm and I’m back in the house and I’ve done ten million things. The favourite one of which was eat steak, green beans and coleslaw. That meal tasted so good. So, so good.

As I was travelling at an odd time, first class was inexpensive enough to warrant it. Unlike the journey down though (full breakfasts) the meals back were not keto compatible and so I passed.

Luckily, I do like the premier in breakfast as it is both unlimited and keto compatible. So I guestimated my breakfast to be a sufficient size to get me through the day. It worked.

When I arrived home I was ready for food and all things considered I can say I was pleased with how I handled this trip. Especially since the London office is rammed with treats. Mr Grubin sure is a feeder.


As I was in a hotel I had no access to scales and so I could not weight myself. My ketone levels were the highest they’ve ever been though.


I was warned by Kirsty that when doing keto you have to watch your salt intake and consume more than you normally would. This prevents you from feeling wired if you go too long without food. I ended up wired last night / this morning. I knew I was in this wired feeling because my heart rate was giving it six-nowt.

Lots of salt on the breakfast fixed it, but this is something to watch out for. I do wonder though if this has anything to do with Ketone levels. Who knows. One thing I do know is that it is bed time.

I need my sleep.