Wednesday 23 January 2019

Day 58 - Wagon is slippery

I will not take the easy route and slip off the wagon.

Me; yesterday

I was so close to slipping of the wagon with my training. “it’s late”, “I have things to do”… so many more. However I took my ketone readings and they read 1.8. That was more than I had imagined so I immediately wrote the first part of this post, finished what I was doing with my macros and done an upper body band workout. I thought to bring some bands with me as I knew they’d be useful. Well, I am pleased to say they were. But they were almost not because I nearly slacked off.

So I cracked out a reverse pyramid of:

  • 25 curls
  • 25 tricep extentions
  • 24 curls
  • 24 tripcep extentions
  • 23, 22, 21, 20 … 10, 9. 8, 7 … 6, 5, 4 …
  • 1 curl
  • 1 tricep extention.

The thing about bands is that they work everything. I was not just pulling and flaling. Each move was mindful and deliberate. The result was epic. Obviously I gained a nice little pump (I do like it a nice pump and I would rather just be honest about that!) My heart rate afterwards was 152, which is not bad going and I reckon I was at it for about 15 mins. Here’s the bands.


Due to the way the bands force you to counteract the force of the tension, I’ve ended up working all my core (especially my back).

The lesson here is stick to the plan. If by any chance anyone is reading this whom I’ve recently told “It’s when you want to bail, that you must certainly not bail”, then let it be known that I did not bail out. Today I talk the talk and walk the walk.

Ok, the data.

Food today was a little lower in terms of calories and protein, but at least it was skewed towards fat. I could have went out and bought some food but it’s super late and I want to meditate before I go to bed. Sleep is non-negotiable these days.


My weight was the lowest yet, beating my previous weight by 100g.


Ketones were surprisingly high considering the “sour-biscuit-death-breath” was not present.


Now, I meditate and then go to sleep.

I’m going to try for an hour long meditation. I don’t want to sound trite and suggest that I am escaping my meat suit because I am not. I am also not sure if the intensity is a parlour trick. But one thing was for certain when I meditated yesterday and Sunday, for a few brief seconds the barrier (whatever that means/is) between me and the world was a little blurred.

Signing off for the night and signing into a meditation.