Tuesday 22 January 2019

Day 57 - Done and Meditation gets powerful.

Tomorrow I am in London for two days. This represents a small challenge in this little 134 days of Keto and training. I will not have access to a kitchen, or a gym and so I will have to make do with what I can find. One thing is for sure, I will not take the easy route and slip off the wagon.

I’ve been meditating as part of my morning training ritual. Obviously not whilst at the barbell, but afterwards in my lovely (but cold) garden. Over the last week it has been getting pretty intense in a way that is both hard to describe and pretty awesome considering zero substances are being imbibed. This mornings was pretty powerful. So powerful in fact that it left me a little detached from the morning. A colleague asked if I was ok, I was fine, but I was almost certainly in two places at the same time. As soon as that happened, I snapped back into a single reality. I’m going to continue to explore this.

Food today was tougher than usual. I got waay to caffeinated in the morning (after the above), then went and met a Githubber for a coffee.


I’ve always fancied working at Github, truth be told I’m not ruling that out for a future. It’d be nice to get back to writing code full time. I really miss that. Having said that, I’m riding the opportunity in front of me to “CTO” for as long as I can. Much learning is being done.

I did manage to get in a lot of bonus press-ups today. Already I am ahead of the previous week’s total. It’s nice to see strength and physical capability come back.


My weight was 1kg down from yesterday after 8 hours and 8 minutes sleep.


I felt good whilst training, but not good enough to break triple digits yet on the deadlift. I managed 97.5kg × 5 for three sets. I’ll get to triple digits in the next few wees. Best not to rush with deadlifts, as back injury is not really what it is about.

Ketone levels were low. There appears to be some correlation with ketone levels and the movement of my weight.


Bring on tomorrow.