Monday 21 January 2019

Day 56 - Done

Did I mention the breath? Pretty sure I did. Savage is a word I would use to describe it.

Some days at work are just good. Today was a good day at work.

I should also write something about risk assessments. I’m not kidding when I tell you that they are a very, very useful life tool. Have a problem? Figure out why the problem exists, identify the risks with the solution and then when those solutions are outside of your risk appetite, introduce treatments to bring the solution to something within the range of your risk appetite. I will write something about this soon.

I was going to do wall sits this week as my bonus exercise, but I decided against it after the first one. It felt like my knees were going to blow out as I performed my first one after my first toilet visit of the day. Knees are important so I knocked those on the head. Next I tried holding horse stance. That was much better, but my trousers would have given way if I had of carried on. So I went back to press-ups and I think I will stick with press-ups and planks.

I managed to get 51 press-ups in today. I’m going to see if I can close the week out with 300. If anyone is about to start shouting at me telling me I should be working the opposite muscles then relax because I am. I have two deadlift days every week and every morning I train pull-ups. It is my expressed intention that by the end of the year I can crack out multiple sets of 50 press-ups and 10 correctly performed pull-ups.


Finally, I was upset to see the car tax on my car had been revoked after sending off my V62 form. This meant sad face because I cannot drive an untaxed car.


However, smiley face because Jo was able to go to the post office and tax it for me. It’s taxed now and I expect when I wake up tomorrow and check that, I will will see the two greens. It drives like a dream. I’ve always wanted a Golf.

The food today was spot on. It’s easy when I’m at work because it is all considered and carefully measured.


Sleep was ok last night. I woke at 3:30 and when I got back to sleep it was odd, light and a bit crappy.


When I awoke, I was having a heavy day. Body weight is a mind game. I wish there was a super accurate body composition checker (I do not mean scales that measure body fat). “Ok Google, what’s my body composition”…

Ketones are a meagre 1.1.


Finally, if you have not read Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. You should. A total game changer. You will find multiple ways to ensure that you’re getting the most out of life and the best bit is that it is all done with sleeping. If you drink booze then you’re in for a shocker though. Spolier: you’re doing yourself no favours, unless you drink early enough in the day so that your liver and kidneys have dealt with it by sleepy time.